Maria J. Snyder

Maria J. Snyder Texas

I cannot say enough about the professional and compassionate experience I have had with I got my first puppy after much discussion with you guys who is the best resource ever with all of his animal husbandry experience and many years as a golden retriever breeder. You can see the commitment to each and every puppy in his care and that is why each puppy comes with so much information and DNA testing on the parents-something my vets were very impressed with. His puppies are AMAZING!. I just got my second puppy and every time I look at her my heart melts! The puppies are well socialized and you can even watch them growing up.

Johnny J. Dominguez

Johnny J. Dominguez New York

I wanted to take the opportunity to write this e-mail letter thanking you for our beautiful new addition to the family. As you know we call her Ta Ta. She has a wonderful and sweet disposition. I have never been around any pet that is as easy to care for and is so pleasant to have as a member of the family. I can only assume it is based on your breading efforts. Moreover, she is beautiful and is everything you described. Lastly, I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and the way you walked us through the process in preparing for her arrival. You made it very easy and almost effortless. Please feel free to have any of your future clients contact me for a recommendation. As you know, I am a lawyer by profession. I wish that every business entity I dealt with handled their affairs in a professional manner as you did. I hope all is well.

Gail T. Fernandez

Gail T. Fernandez Texas

Calvin and Hobbes have been wonderful. I love them both to pieces. I call them my ‘amazing’ pups. I just can’t get over how sweet they both are. They’re nice’n healthy, handsome boys and are a joy to share my home with. My two older golden retrievers (Tess and Tucker) have warmed up to them and everyone is getting along fine. I call Tucker ‘Uncle Tucker’ now. 🙂 Tess, well she’s Tess, but she’s okay with them too. Overall, C&H’s introduction into the house went without a hitch. The boys took everything in stride. They were great. I showed them the litter box once, and they never missed a beat. I’ve included a few pictures. As you can tell, they like to get into some odd places. You raise wonderful puppies, and I would recommend anyone get one (or two) of your babies. Thanks for the pleasure of owning two of your beautiful dogs.

William L. Lewis

William L. Lewis California

Chloe is great! Thank you again! Adopting a puppy from you was such a great experience for our family. We really enjoyed seeing the whole litter and seeing the parents. Chloe is very well socialized and is always with us. We were comfortable right away because of your professionalism, knowledge and experience with the breed. I will definitely recommend you.

Carolyn L. Stetler

Carolyn L. Stetler Indiana

Our entire family is in love with our newest family member, Cate. She is such a sweetheart and so loving; her favorite place to sleep is curled up around my neck! Cate seems to like her new home, and our other puppy has accepted her graciously … although he could do without her jumping on him constantly! It is hilarious to watch her run all over the house and play. She gets so wound up that she growls as she’s “attacking” the toy or scratching post! And she absolutely loves her Life’s Abundance canned food; she cries from the moment she sees the can. You can’t get it on the plate fast enough for her! Here are a couple photos of Cate- one in my husband’s arms, and the other of her standing watch over our son while he sleeps and another where my husband is giving her a bath! We are so happy to have Cate home with us- thank you for raising such a beautiful baby pup!

Dr. Patricia McConnell

Dr. Patricia McConnell New York

Charlie could not be a better Golden Retriever pup. He’ll be 4 months old next weekend and he loves everyone he meets! He’s a cuddle bug in the home without being overly dependent or clingy. He’s very even and balanced. Nothing phases him. If another dog is aggressive, he just ignores it. There is not a mean bone in his body. Housebreaking went very well and he barks to go out. We get a lot of tender kisses from him. He’s learned to lick us instead of play biting. He’s also learned a lot of English words and learns very fast, like the second try. His bark is deepening, and I joke that he is in his ugly duckling stage. Still, he is handsome enough that occasionally, people stop their cars to ask about him and admire him. He is our social ambassador. He’s getting so big that it’s hard to remember that he’s still a puppy! He shares a trait with his 1/2 brother who lives across the street – they like to get up on a couch pillow at the back of the couch behind us and put their head on our shoulders. Obviously, both are quite spoiled.

Cindy Bennett Martin

Cindy Bennett Martin California

We can’t believe Leo will be 1 year old next month! He was so easy to potty train and crate train. He’s still a bit obsessed with food. He snatched my husband’s dinner off the counter tonight. That’s our biggest hurdle, but it will get better in time. We think he’s very handsome! Glad we found him through your website!

Bill and Lynn Moseley

Bill and Lynn Moseley Washington D.C

Our baby, Texas Ranger is growing up, already 4 months old, he finished his potty training in the first two weeks after he arrived, sleeps through the night and loves to take walks through the neighborhood. Already well traveled, with the flights from Ohio to Washington D.C and a road trip to go camping at Walt Disney World, Ranger he is keeping busy! Next week he starts Puppy Kindergarten to fine tune his skills and behavior. He is one smart, handsome, and happy puppy. Today he started at Camp Bow Wow to give him the opportunity to play a socialize with some other pups.


Tony Arizona

We have had several dogs (all small breeds) in our family over the years and went into unfamiliar territory with a Lab. Our daughter always wanted a sturdy, larger breed to share outdoor activities. Our experience with has been wonderful. Their selective breeding, careful and loving rearing and then their abilities to match the dog’s personality with our request was right on target. We couldn’t be happier with Brooke.


Deb Winston-Salem, NC

Huck is a brilliant, enthusiastic puppy with lots of energy. He has integrated well into our family of two other older dogs. We have started him in basic obedience, and he picks up new things very fast. He loves people, and accepts human leadership well. He also has a very sweet disposition. I love crazy Huck. He is very smart

Debra Gilliam

Debra Gilliam New Jersey

Wanted to thank you for your wonderful help in raising Daisy. She just turned 3 months and passed her evaluations to become a registered therapy dog. We go to high schools for troubled teens and she is amazing with them. Your website was instrumental in preparing us. Again, thank you.

Lynda Ranson

Lynda Ranson Arizona

Hello Galen! Simba (previously known as Bear) is 14 weeks old now, and he is such an amazing puppy. He is on track to become a certified therapy dog when he turns one year old, and he has learned a handful of tricks already. He can sit, shake hands, high five, and lay down with ease. He is such a blessing to us, and we are so grateful for the puppy y’all have provided us with. Seriously though, what a gem. Thank you so much, and we hope to stay in touch!