We breed and show Golden Retriever Puppies which are AKC registered. I have loved puppies my entire life and have never been without one. Growing up, I loved going to my grandparent’s farm and playing with the barn puppies. My first puppy was named Fuzzy. She once started delivering puppies on my lap when I was about 7 years old. My love for dogs grew from those early experiences.

Breeding Program - We breed for quality and sweet temperaments, and strive to produce puppies that are AKC registered. Puppies are sold to loving, forever homes as pets. All of the puppies I sell are healthy, received two immunizations, and have been de-wormed.

We are not a pet store... we don't just sell our puppies to anyone without the funds to buy one and provide necessary essentials i.e food, veterinary care, immunizations and medications as needed – we require the buyer to provide information about the home the puppy will be going to. Such as other pets, children, name of vet etc. We try to place them in homes which we feel are the best match for both the puppy AND the adoptive family.

By the time our puppies leave for their new homes, they have been fully vaccinated, de-wormed and either spayed or neutered by breeder or by buyer by six months of age if being purchased as a pet. Puppies are at least 11 - 16 weeks old before they are placed in a new home 

Occasionally, we have puppies that are retiring from our breeding program that will be available to a loving home. Our retired puppies have been part of our family for several years when they leave, and we want only the best for their "retirement" home - a home where they can live the rest of their lives being loved and spoiled. Finding a new home for these dogs doesn't mean we don't love them anymore, it just means we wish to be responsible breeders and keep the number of dogs in our house at a level comfortable for both us, and the puppies. As with the dogs, all retired adults placed will be current on all vaccinations, healthy, and already spayed or neutered.

If interested in one of our puppies you can contact us via email. Please include information about yourself and the home the puppy will be going to.